How will your money be spent?

Annually we need:
  • RM30,000 to develop a book on cancer in one Malaysian major language
  • RM60,000 for Education and Support Program
  • RM77,000 for Awareness Program
  • RM60,000 to sustain per website
  • RM30,000 to maintain the KanHelp Line (Cancer Toll Free Line)
  • RM50,000 to run 2 Cancer Resource Centers
  • RM100,000 to maintain our cancer database system
  • RM28,000 to set up desktop publishing unit

The amount stated above is needed  for 2012/2013 to financially assist our effort to educate, support & give information those affected by cancer. Your donation or gift together with other collaborative donors/partners will collectively provide fuel to run the above programs.

How to donate?

1. Click & save the image below. 

2. Print & fill up the form
3. Scan & Email the form to or fax it to +603 8947 2706


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